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Carriage Rest Tales: one Shots

Carriage Rest Tales: One Shots, is some bonus content we are adding for our existing listeners. "One Shots" are designed around stand alone, one shot, episodes. Each episode is its own story played with a revolving door of players and characters. We generated these "One Shots" because we like playing D&D with our friends, family, and listeners. But not everyone can be part of our primary campaign. So we introduced "One Shots" so we can welcome more people to our table. 

Unlike our primary podcast, the "One Shots" episodes:

 - Does not have a set release schedule.

 - Does not have an ongoing story.

 - Can be listened to in any order.

 - Does not have consistent characters, players, or dungeon masters. 

One Shots: Caitie and AJ - 1

Back Stories

AJ - Gimble Garrick
Caitie - Bryn Liadon
Sam - Elliott Lane
Character Hooks

One Shots: Kyle and Madison

Back Stories

Madison - Mogni
Kyle - Waleran Knotwise
Sam - Gilliweed
Pizza Making

One Shots: Bella and Eliza 1 -
Pizza is Love Pizza is life


Bryn Otterman -
Kat - 
Brix - 
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