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Playing It Forward Mission

As a lawful good party we want to recognize that we get to live on this beautiful world we call Earth thanks to the efforts of many unsung heroes working day and night to better the world around them. We want to honor their noble service by helping fund their causes. As such, we have chosen to earmark half of our monthly membership dues to "Play it forward". These Efforts would include things such as buying food for a food bank, donating to charities, or covering expenses incurred for volunteering events.

Holding Plant

Charity of Focus

Charity Name

The following charity, is based out of Louisville, Kentucky. It focuses on.....

Link to Charity's Website:

Image by Aaron Burden

Suggest a Charity

If you know of a charity you think we would be interested in adding to our list, please fill out the form below and we can look into seeing if we are interested in adding it. Please also include a brief reason why you have chosen to suggest this specific charity. Thank you!

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Memorable Events

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Favorite Moments:

We really enjoyed this event.....It was such an honor to help out the great people at...

We can customize each on with videos, or pictures, or just text...

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