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About Us

Carriage Rest Tales is a family friendly, real play, home brewed, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Podcast. We are a group of friends from Kentucky that have been playing together for years and wanted to share the joy of D&D with you. Our podcast is set in the fantasy setting of the Carriage Rest Inn, where the local Bard will spin you tales of villains, heroes, and the merry band of adventures caught somewhere in-between. Welcome to my Inn, the Carriage Rest Inn. Please come on in, pull up a chair,, and settle in. It appears the bard is about to begin. Let us see what tales he will spin... 

Our Intent

We are a group of nerds that like playing D&D and want to share our fun and unique style of gameplay with you. We are hoping our podcast brings joy to you, your family, and your friends. In doing so, we can aspire to create an online community of support and appreciation. Our intent in this community is to generate a safe place where people can be themselves. We are Family Friendly, LGBTQ Allies, Pet Friendly, Friends of the Environment, and supporters of allowing people to just be themselves. We expect the same of our community and encourage all of our members to be themselves. Let your freak flag fly, but remember to respect the beliefs of others. Do this and we should all have a fun time.

Meet the Party

A photo of Mike or lead Dungeon Master.


Mike is our lead Dungeon Master and part of the local Kentucky group. He has been playing D&D for about 10 years. He has experience as both a player and a Dungeon Master, but he prefers being the latter. At Carriage Rest Tales, Mike takes on the role of the "Inn Keeper." Mike owns the roles of World Building, Story Development, Narration,  and podcast editing.  


John is our Co-Dungeon Master. He is our token remote player, but it always feels like he is sitting right at the table with us. He has been playing D&D for about 5 years. At Carriage Rest Tales, John takes on the role of the "The Resident Bard." John owns the roles of NPC Creation and NPC Roleplaying. With his background in Improv, he really brings the characters to life and drives the story forward.

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Sam, "Woods", is part of our local group. She reluctantly got into D&D after her husband randomly announced he was going to host a D&D campaign in their small house...Well, after hearing how much fun they were having, she decided to join the table and has been hooked ever since. It was actually Sam who suggested moving our table to the podcast world, so thank you Sam!


Ryan, "Nomis", is part of our local group. He started playing D&D at a young age with his father while living in Germany. He has been both a player and a dungeon master. He prefers being a player, where he thrives on coming up with unexpected twists for his DM's to try to handle. 

A photo of Ryan, one of our players.
A photo of Nick, one of our players.


Nick, "Vasso", is part of our local group. He was introduced to D&D by none other than our DM, Mike, but he has been a constant member of our table ever since. Outside of D&D, Nick is an avid cyclist and runner, and has competed in multiple Iron Mans. 

Writing with Pen

Getting to know your party

Here at Carriage Rest Tales, we like to finish every episode with a "Getting to know your player's" session by answering questions from you, our listeners. So, if you have something you are dying to know, fill out the form below and we will try to answer it after one of our episodes. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Our Recording Setup

No need to roll a perception check, all of our equipment information can be found below: 

o Our Mixer:

            The Rode Caster Pro

o Our Mics:

            Rode PodMic Cardioid Dynamic

            Broadcast Microphone

                 - Rode WS2 Foam Windscreen 

o Our Mic Stands:

            Rode PSA1 Desk-mounted Broadcast

            Microphone Boom Arm

o Our Headphones:

            Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Closed-back

            Monitoring Headphones

o Editing Software: